Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This Grinds My Gears!

I read about this special needs kid that received the most votes to win a trip to an amusement park for special needs children.  Even though he won with the most votes, "We Are Teachers" picked a different child to go on the trip.  

Read the story here.

    Cody and his entire family were devastated to hear on May 3rd that he did not win. Mrs. Jones said We Are Teachers at that point said the winner was chosen by a selection committee and not based on who received the most votes.
     “They said the winner would be announced May 1 and it was May 3rd before they announced it. You don’t do that to specially challenged kids. You don’t do them that way. Cody was checking that website every 20 minutes to see if he’d won.”

We Are Teachers is a very cruel group in my opinion.   This is like Christmas day put off for two more days, then cancel it for some extra cruelty.   Child torture at its worst. 

"We Are Teachers"  your group is horrible, change your ways!!!

To Help Cody:  If you’d like to help send Cody to Morgan’s Wonderland, donations may be sent to the Jones family at 218 Bell Avenue, Jasper, Ga. 30143


  1. Wait, why did they even have voting in the first place then? That's messed up...

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